The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

“New Love Is Easy” - 2021 - Vinyl LP / Monaural (Cavetone Records)

Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo's third long player is wonderfully alive, sonically intoxicating, and wickedly clever. Think Grace Slick and Lou Reed took over The Doors, add the verve of first-wave garage psych (ex: Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Shadows of Knight), and stir in some of the most imaginative songwriting ever committed to wax. Primal pop hooks, a blues-meets-garage-meets-jazz dual vocal attack, and a slightlydelic state of mind make this immersive album both timely and timeless.

“Five Star Night” - 2015 - Vinyl LP / Duophonic (Cavetone Records)

Sultry rhythms and narcotic melodies permeate through the second album by The Ex-Bombers. "Five Star Night" represents a logical departure and extension of their first album. The record constructs a neon-soaked world of maximum minimalism, taking a hi-fi approach to decidedly lo-fi situations. The lush tapestry of sound weaves together a femme fatale style of jazz with the hooks of a seedy brand of 1960s pop. The result is the soundtrack for nights filled with neon and espionage.

“The Tightwire” - 2012 - Vinyl LP / Monophonic (Cavetone Records)

The debut album by The Ex-Bombers can only be described as dirtbag spy jazz or punk for beatniks. Filled with seedy vocals, an octaved 8-string bass / drums, and a pile of dark and catchy songs in the vein of early Velvet Underground / Sonic Youth with the style of Soft Cell / Girls Against Boys. The songs reflect the awkward years of adulthood when the hangovers last two days instead of one. This critically-acclaimed record is required listening for any Black Sabbath after party or in the powder room of the Warhol Factory.

“Cavetone Records Vol. 2 – Halloween Songs" - 2018 - 7'' Vinyl / Mono

A quad split from the Monofesto series that conjures dark and catchy original Halloween songs (in 2:05 or less). Why should those winter holidays have all the great songs? There's glitter, there's tack, but not enough black to be found. The Ex-Bombers' contribution exudes villainous dark wave powerpop mixed with the 13th Floor Elevators all to demonstrate how to properly hail the Queen of Halloween.

“Kissing Hands / Shaking Babies” - 2013 - 7” Vinyl / Monaural (Cavetone)

Released a year after “The Tightwire” LP, this is a true anti-single. Although the song has an undeniable catchiness, along with the signature seedy and seductive sonic signature from the pair, the absurdist and twisted lens keeps this off the airwaves. As drummer M. Keri Cousins sings, “Things were going great, when I'd shake hands, and kiss some babies. Should've seen their face, when I kissed a hand, and shook a baby. Now? I'm...”


"Play With Fire"
2023 Fan Club Exclusive

2023 / Lathe-cut 7" record

Originally recorded for a compilation album in 2021 that was never released, The Ex-Bombers do a deliciously dark and psychedelic version of the Stones' “Play with Fire.” Complete with fiery vocals, swirling tape echo, and fuzzed-out 8-string bass, only 30 copies of this fan club exclusive from 2023 exist.

"Moostermania 2"
Compilation Album

2012 / CD / Mooster Records

Compilation of punk-adjacent bands from U.S., Brazil, Holland. Clipping: “This seedy pair deliver a scuzzy number in "Sexy Interrogation" which really makes me think of the band playing in some dark and dingy club, lit by a few candles, raising the temperatures of those in attendance through the warmth of the track.” (Punk News / U.K.)