“Five Star Night”


Format: 12” Vinyl LP

Release date: May 2015

Recording/mixing dates: June – Dec. 2014 / Jan. – Feb. 2015

Keri's favorite track: “Cal's”

Scott's favorite track: “Merry Go Round It Goes”


Selected review: “Five Star Night will make you take a step back from your stereo. As the needle makes its way through the groove you'll probably catch yourself in a pose similar to that of Nipper, the old RCA dog, cocking your head and listening, trying to find that place in your mind where what you are hearing can find some familiar company. Well, I'm here to tell you that it won't happen; and that's the trick, don't even try to find that "Oh, they sound like..." comparison, just simply let this album be exactly what it is. Art.”

(Rows of Teeth / Chicago, Ill.)

“Kissing Hands, Shaking Babies”


Format: 7” anti-single

Release date: October 2013

Recording/mixing dates: June 2013 / July 2013

Keri's favorite track: “Shaking Babies”

Scott's favorite track: “Kissing Hands”


Selected review: “The Ex-Bombers follow up their full-length 'The Tightwire' with another sly, sultry and swinging track in 'Kissing Hands, Shaking Babies.' It's jazz for Pabst drinkers. And with everything Cavetone: analog mono vinyl only.”

(Youngstown Pulse / Youngstown, OH)

“The Tightwire”


Format: 12” Vinyl LP

Release date: November 2012

Recording/mixing dates: July – Nov. 2011 / Feb. 2012

Keri's favorite track: “Oh Foxtrot, Oh Tango, Oh Charlie”

Scott's favorite track: “The Tightwire”


Selected review: “The music itself is something that can only be defined as beatnik punk. Its cool grooves and film noir atmosphere compliment the paranoia and jadedness of the lyrics, creating something unique yet familiar... From the cool opening of 'I Can't Do Anything' to the crashing 'All I Wanted Was a Machine' and the 50s propaganda message of the Epilogue, The Ex-Bombers have created a great piece of art.”

(Eleven Magazine / St. Louis, MO)