The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

The Ex-Bombers promo photo from 2021.

The Ex-Bombers are a sinister psychedelic blues duo who play suspiciously resonant songs harnessing the thunder of electric 8-string bass and drums, a pair of wrecking ball voices, and a delightful kaleidoscope perspective of a world on fire. Since 2010 they have been amassing a cult following through their scintillating live shows and five electrifying vinyl releases on Cavetone Records.

Thee Story: “Can you hear my heart beat? Whisper in my ear.” Each breath brings with it a shared collective consciousness until, hesitation... it skips a beat. Electricity charges the moment with its velvet touch and The Ex-Bombers begin the sonic ritual with an electric 8 string bass, a small drum set, and a unique blues-meets-garage-meets-jazz dual vocal attack. Their songs are both timely and timeless.

A sinister extension of the late 60s sound, the pair would have been the house band for the leather club across from the Fillmore West. Think Grace Slick and Lou Reed took over The Doors, add the verve of first-wave garage psych (ex: Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Shadows of Knight), and stir in some of the most clever songwriting ever committed to wax. Primal pop hooks, unforgettable frenetic performances, and the type of honesty that only a funhouse mirror can provide.

The Ex-Bombers have been a cult band in the making since their debut in a “venue” called the Snake Pit (a townhouse garage) back in 2010 where the decidedly non-punk pair dressed in all black ripped out a set of scintillating originals, perverted versions of covers, and let a pre-recorded VHS tape take the place of banter between songs. Everyone became lost in a shared moment. Curious looks turned to dedicated followers.

Since that show, M. Keri Cousins (drums) and S.M. Nancy Walus (bass) have played anywhere with a power outlet on some of the biggest and the smallest stages at clubs, bars, breweries, art spaces, and even three weddings (Catholic, Pagan, and non-denominational for those keeping track).

Along the way, they put out five vinyl releases on Cavetone Records that have been met with adulation and intrigue. The releases include multiple long players (“The Tightwire” [2012] / “Five Star Night” [2015] / “New Love Is Easy” [2021]) and 7” releases (Anti-single [2013] / Original Halloween tune [2018]) all recorded completely analog in the spirit of 1967 complete with the crazy concept of playing the songs live / together in a singular take. Known for the production of their albums, the pair have also been the invisible hands that have produced countless other bands' records.

The Ex-Bombers continue to dedicate themselves to the craft of being musicians, chasing sounds, and writing songs that describe a kaleidoscope existence that is anything but vanilla.


"New Love Is Easy" LP - 77 Second Sound Sampler (2021)


Live at The Empty Bottle for Cavetone X - Mini Documentary (2018)


Music video for "Oh. Wow." from "Five Star Night" album. (2018)

60 second radio promo for "Five Star Night" LP (2017)

The Ex-Bombers promo photo from 2020 (1/2).
The Ex-Bombers lock and key logo with tagline of "Thee Sinister Psychedelic Duo."
M. Keri drums at an outdoor festival in Her favourite goth dress (2019). Nancy splices the Mistress reel of "New Love Is Easy" before it is lacquered for vinyl. (2020)
The front of The Ex-Bombers business card (2018).
M. Keri, Mistress of drums poses with Her Trixon Speedfire kick drum. (2019)
Dog dressed as Lady with tiara. Beulah dog dressed as musician.
Leather pride record design.