The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

"Five Star Night"

Sultry rhythms and narcotic melodies permeate through the second album by The Ex-Bombers. "Five Star Night" represents a logical departure and extension of their first album by constructing a neon-soaked world of maximum minimalism.

Taking a hi-fi approach to decidedly lo-fi situations, the lush tapestry of sound weaves together a femme fatale style of jazz with the hooks of a seedy brand of 1960s pop. The result is the soundtrack for nights filled with neon and espionage.

Two versions of this LP exist – The Deluxe edition and the Espionage Edition (only 100 hand-stamped and individually-numbered copies).

(2015 / Vinyl LP / Duophonic)


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Selected Press for "Five Star Night"

“It’s hard to pin down for sure, but (it's) a simple yet sultry pop sound... Deep, dark bass lines and straightforward, no-nonsense beats under moody vocals come together in a nearly narcotic composition.” (Vox Magazine)

“You definitely feel that on this second record the Ex-Bombers have taken shape... Sharing their brand of sleazy dirtbag spy jazz or beatnik punk, they've produced a set of songs that make you feel like you should be dressed as one of the Sex Pistols in The Maltese Falcon.” (Eleven Magazine)

“Like something out of a Tarantino flick” (Sleazegrinder) or “a Bond film” (Quad City Times) “they use the elements of a rich palette of colors and moods but feel like they edit religiously and throw away what they don't need with the abandon of a real artist - it's an intoxicating mix you can dance, nod off, or make out to.” (Screen of Distance)


"Five Star Night" LP (60 second radio spot / promo video)


"Oh. Wow." Official Music Video

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