The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

"New Love Is Easy"

The third long player from this sinister psychedelic blues duo is wonderfully alive, sonically intoxicating, and wickedly clever as it rides the rays of a phoenix rising up to let the world know its heart still beats.

Think Grace Slick and Lou Reed took over The Doors, add the verve of first-wave garage psych (ex: Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Shadows of Knight), and stir in some of the most imaginative songwriting ever committed to wax.

Primal pop hooks, toe-tappers, a blues-meets-garage-meets-jazz dual vocal attack, and a slightlydelic state of mind make this disc an immersive experience that is both timely and timeless.

(2021 / Vinyl LP / Mono)

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Selected Press for "New Love Is Easy"

  “The minimalistic psychedelic jazz, filtered through the fallout of post-punk, spun through a 60mm noir film with audio tracked on reel-to-reel in a venue that holds more secrets than it does occupancy on a dark Saturday night, of The Ex-Bombers immediately comes forward with 'New Love is Easy.' (The pair) have once again nailed it with their latest... 'New Love is Easy' quite apparently clings to the poetry/jazz-driven beats of The Ex-Bombers (and) is only amplified in analog format, adding to the sense of the world created by the duo; a world that is absolutely splendid. It is a presence that plays to the dark while delivering the highs in vivid audible stimulation instead of peaks and pops of color.”
    (Nanobot Rock Reviews)

  “The mystic creatures of music have made another hit album... Locked in tight places all over, the psych just dripping with blues from Nancy’s 8 string bass. Keri and her Jazz Noir Explosions of drum beats dropping like heart beats of a raging primitive beasts long forgotten. This album comes together and sticks to your ears like glue.”
    (50 Third and 3rd)

  “This devilish duo from the dark side of the shadowy streets brings a boisterous barrage that chews up the raunchy, randy, raucous and rockin' stuff, then spits it out for you to enjoy" (Illinois Times) [into a] fabulous psychedelic jazz noir blues explosion" (The Ledge / realpunkradio show)


"New Love Is Easy" LP (Sound Sampler in 77 Seconds)

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