The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

“Kissing Hands / Shaking Babies”

Released a year after the “The Tightwire” LP, this is a true anti-single.

Although the song has an undeniable catchiness, along with the signature seedy and seductive sonic signature from the pair, the absurdist and twisted lens keeps this off the airwaves.

As drummer M. Keri Cousins sings, “Things were going great, when I'd shake hands, and kiss some babies. Should've seen their face, when I kissed a hand, and shook a baby. Now, I'm...”

(2013 / 7” Vinyl / Duophonic)


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Selected Press for "Kissing Hands. Shaking Babies"

“The Ex-Bombers follow up their full-length 'The Tightwire' with another sly, sultry and swinging track in 'Kissing Hands, Shaking Babies.' It's jazz for Pabst drinkers.” (Youngstown Pulse)


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