The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.

“New Love Is Easy” on Compact Disc: Not an afterthought, a unique release.

 The Ex-Bombers have been putting our music out exclusively on vinyl since our first long player player in 2012. We love vinyl. It's how we listen to music. We spin it all day every day and we will always release our music on it no matter the circumstance. Lots of people love records as we are selling out of our “New Love Is Easy” LP at a much faster rate than we expected when we pressed it in 2021. There is a reasonable chance we will sell out of vinyl before our fourth album is pressed.

In the last five years, so many people without turntables have wanted to directly support us and listen to our music. Not through fractions of a cent on a streaming service filtering through multiple corporations, but by giving their money directly to the artists in exchange for a physical addition to their own music collections. A collection that they can enjoy for decades to come without worrying about ever losing access it. We get this sentiment. We have shelves of CDs in our house filled with 90s/00s releases that never made it to vinyl and limited releases that seem to have completely vanished online.

For our first decade, we came up as a club band. We would rip out our best 35 minutes on a multi-band bill. The bands on /people at those shows were very much vinyl people (and cassette, but that is a different conversation). In 2019, we started mainly playing shows where we were the only band for the night. At these, we play two, three, or sometimes even four sets in a night. While we still definitely meet vinyl people at these shows, they coexist peacefully with a large percentage of compact disc people. These CD people see us, enjoy our music, and want to buy our album that night. This can finally happen.

The CD release of “New Love Is Easy” is not an afterthought, but its own unique release. We went back to the original master reels and transferred them directly from the tapes, through a tube and transformer-balanced device, and into a TASCAM DA-3000 archival digital recorder. We then had them mastered by thee Jim Diamond. The same Jim “Diamond Jim” Diamond from Ghetto Recorders that brought you The Mooney Suzuki, The White Stripes, The Dirtbombs, The Electric Six, The Sonics, The Von Bondies, Left Lane Cruiser, and even our friends in the Pack A.D. The listen is incredible. He upped the garage / psych factor and it's such a different experience than the vinyl version. The CD was pressed from an actual glass master and comes in an old school full jewel¬†case and has different artwork than the LP.

Buy your copy of "New Love Is Easy" on compact disc for only $10!

"New Love Is Easy" (Sound Sampler in 77 Seconds)

Own your copy of "New Love Is Easy" on compact disc for only $10.