The Ex-Bombers have been featured and reviewed in dozens of publications from around the U.S. and beyond. These articles describe the band as having a "sultry pop sound [where] deep, dark bass lines and straightforward, no-nonsense beats under moody vocals come together in a nearly narcotic composition” (Vox Magazine/ Columbia, MO) comparable to “the Velvet Underground or Sonic Youth” (Dayton City Paper).


  The duo uses “seedy jazz basslines, noisy punk spirit and winking lyrics” (Shepherd Express/Milwaukee, WI) to create “grooves [that] are unmistakably catchy... sultry and mysterious, like a femme fatale” (Coles County Rocks).



 They are a “seedy pair [who can] deliver a scuzzy number” (Punk News/ U.K.) “like something out of a Tarantino flick” (Youngstown Pulse & Sleazegrinder) or “a Bond film” (Quad City Times) whose “very infectious songs” (Grunnen Rocks / Netherlands) create “an intoxicating mix you can dance, nod off, or make out to” (Screen of Distance/ Columbus, OH).

 The press has noted the uniqueness of the pair. “The music itself is something that can only be defined as beatnik punk. Its cool grooves and film noir atmosphere compliment the paranoia and jadedness of the lyrics, creating something unique yet familiar” (Eleven Magazine). “It all works, and it doesn't take long to notice that there is something very unique going on here” (Rows of Teeth / Chicago, IL).




March, 2016 - The Ex-Bombers to Play Cavetone 8 Year Anniversary

January, 2016 - The Ex-Bombers Release Provocative Promotional Film

August, 2015 - Post-Summer Tour Return Show for The Ex-Bombers

May, 2015 - The Ex-Bombers Release Second Vinyl LP, "Five Star Night"

March, 2014 - The Ex-Bombers Play Show 100 at Empty Bottle w/ Pack A.D.

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