Promotional Video for "Five Star Night" LP

  The femme fatale stands in the foreground. Bathed in neon light, she brandishes a riding crop and commands the shadowy figure in the background to drop the needle on the 2015 vinyl-only LP “Five Star Night.”


  The visual of this promotional film has a major Warholian streak, with a seedy and sultry presence similar to the lo-fi promotional films of the late 1960s.


  The promo film is a logical continuation of the album's artwork dipped in neon and noir, providing the ultimate visual companion for the maximum minimalism found on the album.

Promo Video for "Kissing Hands/Shaking Babies" 7"

  How to construct an anti-single: Record a seedy beatnik punk number with absurdist lyrics, make sure that no radio station can ever play it, release it only as a 7” split, and make sure the band on the other side splits up two weeks after its release.


  The accompanying promotional film provides a variation to the “Tightwire” video's theme, although darker and far more flippant. Deconstructionist and avant, the promo film reflects the tensions of a band caught between two albums, between nihilism and purpose, and between sounds and aesthetics.

Promotional Video for "The Tightwire" LP

  Produced for the 2012 vinyl-only album “The Tightwire,” this promotional video stripped away all unnecessary production and instead focused on the seemingly simple act of playing a record.


  Its simplicity was in reaction to the frenetic flashiness of videos in the aughts. It opted instead for a long-take where the viewer sees the entire process unfold.


  It set the theme for The Ex-Bombers' subsequent videos by having the record central to the video, actually micing speakers for audio, and relying on cards for commentary.