The Ex-Bombers header - Thee sinister psychedelic blues duo was established in 2010.


Donate to The Ex-Bombers' Tip Jar

Welcome to The Ex-Bombers' tip jar! At all of our shows, we have this in front of Kitty's drum set and people put money into it when they enjoy what we are doing. This gives us energy and lets us know to keep doing that thing. We put this online to provide everyone with the opportunity to give us a little energy and tell us to “keep doing that thing.”

When you donate, we apply that money to whatever it is that you want us to keep doing. Leave a note and tell us to make more music videos, record more music, record different kinds of music (or favorites from shows), stay out on the road (or going to new places), make crazier artwork for merch or LPs, do more updates on behind the scenes, or just that you appreciate what we're doing and that this donation will fuel us and make us do more.

If you'd like to tell us to “keep doing that thing,” you can do either a one-time donation or sign up to support us monthly by checking a box. Every year we'll figure out something cool and unique to send you if you do it monthly.