12.28.2013  Wood Dale, IL  T-Wood  w/ Smoke Off Vinyl, Cedar Plank Salmon

12.07.2013  Olney, IL  VFW  SAFT Holiday Show w/ Matty Till Dawn, Rick Shelton, South Street Jam Band, Thingama Jug Band

12.06.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  Top of the Rocstock w/ Huck Fate, Mustache, Cedar Plank Salmon, The Young Gentleman, The Fancy Boys, Carlos Danger's Inbox

11.23.2013  Moline, IL  Bier Stube  w/ The Post Mortems, Cedar Plank Salmon, Satellite Heart

11.22.2013  Madison, WI  Mickey's  w/ Shabelles

11.09.2013  St. Louis, MO  Beatnik Bob's  w/ Violent Puppets, Sleepy and the Bedtimes

11.02.2013  Carbondale, IL  PK's  w/ Malt Liquor, Flowers of Evil

11.01.2013  Louisville, KY  Third Street Dive  w/ Aint Worth Killin, American Gonzos

10.25.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  As The Violent Femmes for annual Doppelganger's Ball w/ Malt Liquor, Skydiver Autopsy, Moondogs

10.18.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  Split 7" record release show w/ Malt Liquor, The Down-Fi, The Young Gentleman

10.12.2013  Champaign, IL  Error Records  "Walls of Sound" documentary, Kowabunga! Kid, Capys, Feuding Fathers

10.11.2013  Champaign, IL  WCIA - TV  Live performance on the morning show on WCIA TV

10.05.2013  Muncie, IN  Be Here Now  w/ The KillTones, Injecting Strangers

09.28.2013  Greenup, IL  Hayzapalooza  Music festival w/ Skydiver Autopsy and many others

09.07.2013  Springfield, IL  Tin Can Pub  w/ Atlas at his Finest

08.31.2013  Chicago, IL  Reggie's  w/ American Pin Up, Lost in Society, Stealing Volume, Sidekick Fantasy

08.23.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  w/ Malt Liquor, Smoke Off Vinyl, Joe McLean

08.10.2013  Indianapolis, IN  Indy's Jukebox  w/ Coyote Armada, Rick Dodd and the Dickrods

08.09.2013  Canton, OH  The Buzzbin  w/ The Projection, Time Cat, Small Steps, Hieronymous Bogs

08.08.2013  Marion, IN  Beatnik's Cafe  w/ BGPJ

07.20.2013  Milwaukee, WI  Stonefly Brewery  w/ Chris Head & the Honchos, Soulfoot Mombits

07.19.2013  Moline, IL  Bier Stube  w/ The Post Mortems, Hunter Station

07.13.2013  Columbia, MO  Mojo's  w/ Wild Cat Daddies

07.12.2013  Warrensburg, MO  The Bay  w/ Fuzz Beater, Forest Whitlow

07.06.2013  Charleston, IL  Mothers  w/ Rebel Rey

06.28.2013  Louisville, KY  Haymarket Whiskey Bar  w/ Aint Worth Killin, The Yat Machines

06.22.2013  Chicago, IL  Quenchers Saloon  w/ Thunderunderus, Dinosaur Party, Sentinels

06.21.2013  Madison, WI  Mickey's Tavern  w/ TT & the Night Owls, The Lonesome Organist

06.01.2013  Columbia, MO  The Blue Fugue  w/ 3BD, John Galbraith & Nick Gorham, The Young Gentleman

05.31.2013  St. Louis, MO  The Heavy Anchor  w/ Red Squad, The Hot Liquors, The Young Gentleman

05.25.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  w/ Malt Liquor, Cedar Plank Salmon, The Young Gentleman

04.20.2013  Charleston, IL  Top of the Roc  Graham Jam w/ The Whiskey Daredevils, Malt Liquor, Thummer, Hate Bros., Huck Fate, Stumpwhoopt, The Midwest Surf Invasion, Travis Shoot

04.19.2013  Charleston, IL  Friends & Co.  w/ Thunderunderus, The Ryans

04.13.2013  Charleston, IL  The Lodge  w/ Cedar Plank Salmon

04.06.2013  Charleston, IL  Friends & Co.  w/ The Demerits, Cedar Plank Salmon, The Montreal Screwjob

03.23.2013  Charleston, IL  Friends & Co.  w/ Ol' Fashioned Ass Whoopin', Spectrum of Life, Tubesock Skeeters

03.15.2013  Chicago, IL  Liar's Club  w/ The Demerits, The Artist Formally Known as Vince Band

03.09.2013  Columbia, MO  The Blue Fugue  Cavetone 5 year anniversary show! w/ Wild Cat Daddies, Monte Carlos

03.01.2013  Champaign, IL  Cowboy Monkey  w/ Killer Bee Honey, The Heroic Charade

02.09.2013  Charleston, IL  Friends & Co.  w/ Clan of Vermin, Skydiver Autopsy

02.02.2013  Columbia, MO  Eastside Tavern  w/ Girl Traffic, The Box Elders

2013 SHOWS